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About Robots.txt Generator

Welcome to our Robots.txt Generator Tool! This handy tool helps you create a Robots.txt file for your website, which tells search engines which pages they can or cannot crawl.

How to Use

  1. Enter Your Website URL: Start by entering the URL of your website in the designated field.

  2. Select Options: Choose whether you want to allow or disallow search engine crawlers from accessing certain parts of your website.

  3. Generate Robots.txt File: Click the "Generate Robots.txt" button, and our tool will generate the Robots.txt file based on your selections.

  4. Download and Implement: Once generated, download the Robots.txt file and upload it to the root directory of your website.

Why Use a Robots.txt File?

A Robots.txt file helps you control how search engines access your website's content. By specifying which pages to crawl or ignore, you can improve your site's SEO performance and prevent sensitive or duplicate content from being indexed.

Important Notes

  • Be careful when using the Robots.txt file, as incorrect configurations can inadvertently block search engines from accessing important pages.

  • Always test your Robots.txt file using Google's robots.txt testing tool to ensure it's working as intended.


While our Robots.txt Generator Tool aims to simplify the process of creating a Robots.txt file, it's important to review and understand the generated file before implementing it on your website. We are not responsible for any unintended consequences resulting from the use of this tool.

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